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Arizona British Shorthair Cats for Adoption
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Rescue Me ID: 18-04-15-00172Oh! Henry! (male)

British Shorthair Mix    Age: Adult

Health: Neutered 

    Oh! Henry! is a handsome short hair cr̬me orange male approx. 8yr. His adoption fee is $60. He has been vet checked and neutered. He has been on the road, chased by coyotes, beat up, bitten and abused by other abandoned cats trying to survive and he is just plain tired of it all. He would do best as the only pet with no kids. He made his way to a feral cat feeding station. A feeding station is where feral-wild cats are TNR'd - trapped neutered released and fed. Cats form colonies like this because irresponsible people abandon them, tossing them out like trash. They roam to find food then a loving caring concerned citizen starts feeding ... (Read More)these starving cats forming a feeding station. They get TNR'd to prevent kittens, ear tipped so others know that these cats are fixed. The cats 'work' for us taking care of the mice, roof rats, scorpions and roaches, but they must be fixed. PETS ARE FAMILY MEMBERS. PLEASE GET HELP IF YOU CAN NOT KEEP A PET. MAKE THE EFFORT! Oh! Henry! had ear mites, open wounds, scars and pieces missing. He has been cleaned up, treated and his body has recovered! He is very clean in the litter box and takes good care of himself now that he doesn't have to look over his shoulder! He is quiet but will talk to you if you talk to him. He loves being petted, purrs up a storm, head butts and rubs my face. He doesn't seem to mind being picked up but not crazy about laying in my lap (yet). He wants to be where his people are and will lay at your feet all day long. As you can see, Oh Henry knows he has a new life ahead of him and is very happy to relax and fill his belly while he waits for his forever home. Too many male AND female cats are getting the UTI - urinary tract infection and crystals in their urine. It's a blockage, it's painful and if ignored will lead to death. Vets say the hard food is at fault because it does not deliver enough liquids. A quality hard food along with a can of food a day is a must for cats to help manage their fluids. Dry foods that help maintain UTI health are Hills, Royal Canine and Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health. Cats/Kittens are an 18 year commitment! They need a cat tree, laser lite, inside home ADOPT Oh! Henry! FOR LIFE! CNPS text 602-332-6615 email Leuk and FIV negative REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARE ADOPTING A PET YOU ARE ADOPTING A FAMILY MEMBER FOR LIFE! THEY ARE NOT THROW AWAY TOYS! WHEN YOU MOVE YOU TAKE YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR BELONGINGS, YOUR PETS. IT'S A LIFE, A COMMITMENT TO THE END. If you need any type of help with an animal this is a great place to start. click on the drop box link and get the Help for Dogs and Cats info flyer. It will have many resources for you to use to help save that animal's life. Toni - Citizens for North Phoenix Strays for dogs and cats.doc?dl=0 (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $60 Animal Location:

Citizens for North Phoenix Strays
Maricopa County Phoenix, AZ 85053 MAP IT!

text 602-332-6615

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Rescue Me ID: 18-03-28-00129Russia (female)

British Shorthair    Age: Kitten

Compatibility: Good with Most Cats, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Submissive 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Well.. Hello there, My name is Russia and I am looking for a lifelong companionship, filled with Window gazing and purrrrrry nights! I very much enjoy tuna, the company of humans and four legged creatures of my kind. I love to cuddle and scratches under my chin are a must. I am a 4-month-old, spayed, Female, up to date on shots, chipped and FIV and FELV negative. Oh and I am super soft too! If you would like to show me your Windows Please call my foster mom Lidia for a meet and greet at 480-206-3883 or contact Paw Kindness Animal Rescue and Sanctuary! I would love to meet you for a scratch and a purrrrrr!

 Adoption Fee: $150 Animal Location:

Paw Kindness Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
2101 E. Broadway Rd. Ste.1
Maricopa County Tempe, AZ 85282 MAP IT!

Lidia Manov 4802063883;
Jennifer Gallamore 4803360261

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Animal ID: Epiphany - A556888Epiphany - Only $45!!! (female)

British Shorthair    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    EPIPHANY(Brown Classic Tabby with tuxedo & mitted markings) - AVAILABLE! Only $45 adoption!!! This sweetheart was saved off the euthanasia list at one of the big shelters. She was an owner surrender and was in labor upon intake. She is the Mother to both Peter and Paul. Two kittens that have already been adopted out. When at the shelter with her kittens, she was very protective of her babies and that landed her on the euthanasia list. That's when Safe Haven stepped in and rescued this beautiful little family. Epiphany was afraid of people when she first came, but is now a sweet, affectionate kitty once she gets to know you. She is talkative ... (Read More)and has a soft meow. She likes to explore, go under the covers, and be in high places. Although one of her favorite spots is on one of the dinning room chairs...She loves all toys and will play with just about anything (gingle balls, wand toy, etc...) Birthday: 8/26/16 Weight at last Vet visit: 9 lbs (she's gained a bit since then) Cats: Yes, she is good with other cats and wants to go up and greet them. She has been friendly with all the cats here. Even my personal kitty that does not like other cats and has hissed at Epiphany. Epiphany just respects her, and keeps her distance. She's very sweet. Small Dogs: Yes, great with small dogs and will usually go up to them and try to play with them. If they get overly rambunctious with her though and run at her, she will run away. Large Dogs: Yes, great with large dogs. She has been friendly with all the large dogs she has met. She'll lay on a chair in a room full of dogs playing and doesn't mind them barking. Kids: Unknown Men: Sweet and friendly Women: Sweet and friendly Strangers: Keeps her distance and watches. Food: I feed all the cats on a rotational diet. Which means they get a different brand of high quality food each month. I do this because I do not think that one brand can provide all the nutrients that they need. Just like one food can't provide us with all that we need...Plus, who wants to eat the same thing every day? I started out giving her a full bowl of dry food out all the time, but she started gaining to much weight. So I feed her 1 C. dry food a day now. She's a great eater and has eaten everything I've offered her, but I have discovered she has a grain allergy. So she needs grain free cat food. She is currently doing well on Wellness Core Grain Free dry cat food. Litter Box Trained: Yes, I use the scoopable litter. She likes her litter box covered. Possibly because there are so many dogs in the house. Scratch Pad Trained: Yes, I use the cardboard type that lays flat on the floor. I refresh the scratch pad every month by spreading fresh catnip on it. Other issues: None, she's wonderful. Very sweet and loving Adoption fee is only $45 & includes: - Spay/Neuter surgery - Tested for FELV and FIV per protocol (only cats that are negative go up for adoption) - Up to date on Vaccinations - Microchip - Collar - Other surprise goodies from Safe Haven - Free office visit to Vet - 50% off any Optimum Wellness Plan - 30 days of Free Pet Insurance (in case something comes up after adoption) - Other coupons from Partners - Available Paperwork: Spay/Neuter records, Vaccination records, Vet records, Micro records, Recommendation list, etc... - Continued Support: Safe Haven will be there for the lifetime of your new adopted pet. If you ever have questions or concerns, we will always be there to help. Our goal is for you & your pet to live happily ever after! If you are interested in adopting this pet, your first step is to fill out an application: After we receive your application, we will contact you. To get status & updates on this cat, follow us on Facebook! You will usually find more pictures & videos of the pets there too! ADOPTING A CAT OR DOG IS UP TO A 20 YEAR COMMITMENT! THEY ARE NOT OBJECTS THAT YOU CAN GET RID OF WHEN THEY BECOME INCONVENIENT. THEY ARE INNOCENT LIVING, BREATHING ANIMALS WITH FEELINGS THAT DEPEND ON YOU TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE CARE OF, LOVE, & PAY FOR EVERYTHING THIS PET NEEDS FOR UP TO 20 YEARS, THEN PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT AN APPLICATION. FAQ: Q: Is this pet still available? A: Updates are posted in each pets individual post on our Facebook page for Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ at . It will say the status in all caps at the very top of the pets post, and updates are posted in the comment section under each pets post. Once on the Facebook page, type the pets name in the search box to easily pull up all the posts on that pet. Q: I don't see a phone #. Will someone please call me? A: Everything needed is online. I have found that online is the most efficient way to get all the work done. In the past, when I posted my #, my phone rang off the hook all day. So I spent the whole day on the phon (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $45 Animal Location:

Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ
Maricopa County Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 MAP IT!


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PIease Read Before Adopting a British Shorthair in Arizona
    British Shorthair Cats can make good pets in Arizona if they match your IifestyIe. The British Shorthair is a slightly smaller cat than the American Shorthair. British Shorthairs are mellow, even-tempered cats ideally suited to indoor life. British Shorthairs are sociable but unobtrusive. This breed enjoys affection but may not like to be picked up. British Shorthairs are more trainable than some breeds of cats and can be taught to fetch and play tricks.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
British Shorthair
lnteresting British Shorthair Trivia Low-Cost Arizona Spay & Neuter Clinics
    British Shorthairs are descended from Roman cats crossed with native English wild cats. Modern British Shorthairs also contain some Persian strains, which have resulted in thicker coats. British Shorthairs became popular in Australia in the late sixties and seventies.

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Pima County - Tucson, AZ 85716
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If you find any of the above spay/neuter information is incorrect,
or if you know another low-cost clinic to recommend, please
call Rescue Me! at 1-800-800-2099 with this information.
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